About VietCredit

Cement Finance Joint Stock Company was granted a business operation license by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) on June 18th, 2018. Accordingly, the company changed its name to VietCredit Finance Joint Stock Company.

VietCredit is permitted to execute the activities as a General Financial Company in compliance with laws and regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam, including the following activities:

  1. Capital Mobilization in the following forms:

    – Receiving deposits of organizations;

    – Issuing certificates of deposit, promissory notes, bonds and treasury bills to mobilize capital of organizations;

    – Loan capital from national banks, credit institutions or international financial institutions in accordance with legal provisions;

    – Loan capital from the State Bank of Vietnam in the form of refinancing in accordance with the Law on the State Bank of Vietnam.

  2. Consumer Credit and Loans:

    We provide different types of consumer credit and loans. Loan contracts come in all kinds of forms and with various terms, including:

    – Installment loans, consumer loans, mortgage loans;

    – Discount, rediscount of negotiable instruments;

    – Bank guarantee; Issuing credit cards;

    – Factoring; Financial leasing;

    – Other forms of credit (after being approved by the State Bank of Vietnam).

  3. Other financing activities:

    We also help you take your ease at:

    – Open a deposit account at the State Bank of Vietnam;

    – Open payment accounts at commercial banks, foreign bank branches;

    – Open accounts at foreign banks in accordance with Individual Provisions of Foreign Exchange Legislation;

    – Open deposit accounts and managing loans for customers;

    – Capitalize on the total value of stocks (Capital Contribution) in accordance with the regulations of the State Bank;

    – Receive entrusted capital from the Government, organizations, and individuals for the purpose of carrying out investment activities in production, business and credit granting projects, entrusting capital to credit institutions to provide credit as prescribed by the State Bank of Vietnam;

    – Able to participate in bidding for treasury bills, purchase and sale of negotiable instruments, government bonds, corporate bonds, treasury bills, the State Bank of Vietnam bills and mortgage documents;

    – Issue government bonds, corporate bonds, bond issuance agents, shares and other valuable papers;

    – Trading and providing foreign exchange services on the domestic market within the scope prescribed by the State Bank of Vietnam;

    – Execute as an insurance agent;

    – Providing consulting services in the fields of banking, finance, and investment;

    – Providing services for managing and preserving the assets of customers.

Organizational Structure