1. Qualified customer:
– Personal customer with sustainable revenue growth from business.
– From 20 to 60 years old.
– Monthly income: From 4 million VND and above.
2. Qualified loan application: Customer have to provide all of these documents:
– Loan application form (As template given)
– Identification card or Citizen ID card.
– Proof of Income documents.
         Loan amount: Up to VND 100,000,000
         Loan term: Up to 12 months
         Interest rate: Calculated based on reducing balance method. 48%/year (using non-leap year, including 365 days)
         Method of interest payment: Using amortized loan

3. Forms: 

Loan application form 
Loan Terms and Conditions
Loan notice and payment schedule

(* Loan for personal consumption will be installment loan)