14 October, 2021

October 14th, 2021, VietCredit Finance Company (VietCredit) officially launched payment feature for domestic credit cards that allows customers to pay via POS/MPOS. Hence, customers can enjoy a fast, convenient and secure payment experience with this new card feature of VietCredit.

Over the past few years, when shopping at supermarkets, commercial centers, even taking a taxi, buying fast food, drinking coffee, many people use credit cards instead of cash that helps them pay quickly. This cashless payment trend is developing rapidly in the current complicated Covid-19 pandemic.

To enhance the customer experience, VietCredit adds new payment features to VietCredit domestic credit cards that allows customers to pay via POS/MPOS. Moreover, this implementation contributes to the cashless payment behavior development for customers, according to the policy of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV).

Following this new payment feature, VietCredit offers unlimited transactions per day, and the amount per transaction helps cardholders buy anything up to the maximum available balance.

According to the statistics of SBV, as of the end of June 2021, Vietnam has more than 274,000 POS machines at supermarkets, restaurants, shopping malls, convenience stores, cafes, pharmacies, tourist areas, etc., that help customers pay more convenient, easier and faster. It means that there is no need to carry too much cash in the wallet as before when customers go out and avoid unwanted consequences.

Especially, when paying at merchants, customers who are having the VietCredit chip card can use their card to tap or wave on the screen of the POS machine integrated contactless card reader without giving the card to the cashier. The transaction is secured and completed within seconds because the VietCredit chip card has integrated contact and contactless payment feature.

Additionally, VietCredit still keeps all utilities of the previous domestic credit card version. Depending on the demand, customers can quickly withdraw cash at ATMs nationwide and enjoy 0% interest rate within seven days from the activation date. Besides, customers won’t pay any fee during time of using VietCredit card such as issuance fee, annual fee, SMS fee, statement fee, consultation fee, etc., and also can proactively choose the repayment date that suits their financial ability.

Ms. Viet Ha (District 6, Ho Chi Minh City) said: “Whenever my salary is delayed, I use VietCredit card to withdraw cash for urgent expenses such as paying school fees for my children, medical fees, or electricity bills, water bills, insurance fees, etc. Now, my card has integrated the payment feature that allows me to shop and pay for more different services. For example, when I go to the supermarket or electronics store, instead of worrying about having any cash in my wallet, I choose to use VietCredit card for payments via POS/MPOS. Depending on actual needs, I can flexibly use the card for many shopping situations.”

At the present, VietCredit domestic credit card is a pioneer product, has possession of a duo of features include cash advance and swipe-to-pay up to the maximum amount of credit card limit. Then, customers use and repay continuously within three years without re-registration. Therefore, no matter who customers are workers, government employees, office staff, or small business owners,… they only need to have a minimum income of four million VND per month to be able to apply for VietCredit domestic credit card and use it to pay for any expenses to enhance the quality of life or have an extra money for  prevention of urgent cases.

A representative of VietCredit shared: “We understand that consumer demand is diverse and it’s always better to have more choices, so we add the payment feature to the VietCerdit domestic credit card with the purpose of offering more usage options to customers. The more choices customers have, the greater benefit they get. In the context of the complicated Covid-19 pandemic, this contactless payment feature will contribute to creating safety and preventing the risk of infection for customers.”.

To apply for a VietCredit card, customers can register easily via VietCredit mobile application, and customers will be guided by VietCredit’sconsultant staff to make the registration convenient and fast. To help customers use their loans usefully, VietCredit always advises consumers not to abuse loans for unnecessary expenses and to borrow consumer loans within their payment ability.


Contact with us via hotline 1900 6515 or webiste: www.vietcredit.vn