16 October, 2021

VietCredit Finance Joint Stock Company (VietCredit) has just been honored as Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021 by the leading magazine on Human Resources in Asia for the first time.

The HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards is an awards recognition program for organizations across Asia that have the best HR practices, demonstrate high levels of employee engagement and excellent workplace cultures. This award has been held annually in many countries in Asia and has been held in Vietnam since 2018.

This year, approximately 30,000 employees from 581 companies in Vietnam responded to the Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM) survey, HR Asia’s proprietary employee engagement survey. VietCredit is among the few consumer finance companies to be named this award.

As to be realized that employees are valuable assets of the organization, VietCredit highly appreciated the human resource management strategy, which is not only recruitment or training but also a system of policies, engagement activities, working processes that help employees experience a professional and dedicated workplace. Therefore, VietCredit aims to offer an ideal workplace like a second home for each employee and accompany them on the career path.

During the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, VietCredit has been demonstrating its humanistic philosophy in human resources more than ever, such as accompanying employees through activities and comprehensive support policies; maintaining jobs, arranging a work-from-home schedule for staff; communicating about Covid-19 prevention to ensure the health of employees; supporting the families of employees affected by the pandemic; organizing virtual engagement activities to boost mental health for employees  as VietCredit Plank Challenge, VietCredit Push Challenge, virtual running contest, etc.

Especially, VietCredit continuously develops diversity training programs, such as professional courses, leadership courses,  problem-solving classes, goal setting classes, etc., that help all employees to unlock their potential through developing comprehensively in both professional qualifications and skill set for each position.

In addition to the strategy of maintaining human resources, VietCredit also focuses on developing the successor teams. The talented employees who achieved excellent performances will be nominated in the Red Seeds program. The Red Seeds program helps employees develop their management skills, leadership, and foster skills, enthusiasm, bravery, and were assigned many challenges to become VietCredit’s next leader in the future. All show that the long-term human resource development strategy is an essential goal of VietCredit in the coming years.

A representative of VietCredit shared: “The award “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021” is our excellent result that shows our efforts to provide an ideal workplace, not only good compensation and benefit but also learning opportunities and develop a successful career. Therefore, all employees are more united, together with achieving of making VietCredit a leading financial company in Vietnam.”

In the consumer finance market, VietCredit is a pioneering financial company issuing the unique domestic credit cards. It has both withdrawal and contactless payment features that helps customers to expand their “wallet” for daily expenses or financial backup in urgent cases. So that, the award “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” 2021 is an important milestone to help enthusiastic human resources of VietCredit to develop customer-oriented financial services for all needs of the Vietnamese.

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