12 January, 2022

January 12th, 2022, VietCredit Finance Company (VietCredit) officially integrates the online payment feature for domestic credit cards to offer customers more benefits as well as a fast and convenient payment experience.

Consumers’ payment behavior is changing as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The online payment method is the top payment method benefitting from this change, as consumers use less cash and make more purchases online.

Catch up the trend of changing habits of customers in payment, VietCredit quickly integrates the additional online payment features into VietCredit domestic credit cards to increase benefits and optimize the experience for customers as well as strongly promote the trend of non-cash payment according to the policy of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV).

Accordingly, all customers who own VietCredit domestic credit cards can use the card to pay online when shopping for goods, paying bills for electricity, water, internet, or booking air tickets, train tickets, movie tickets, etc. on websites and applications of E-commerce, or service providers connected to the NAPAS online payment system.

Now, shopping also becomes faster and more seamless because customers only need to do a few simple steps to complete the transaction in a snap without going far that help customers to save time, and effort, then have more safety during the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides, the customer’s payment transaction is also secure with the OTP authentication code that VietCredit sends separately via the customer’s phone number registered with the company.

Especially, VietCredit offers free online payment transactions to help customers feel good to experience the card’s new features, without worrying about any fees. In addition, the high transaction limit is also a great advantage as customers can transact up to 50 million/day within the granted card limit that brings the convenience for customers to pay for large-value orders or buy multiple products at once time.

In addition to integrating new features, VietCredit still keeps all utilities of the previous domestic credit card version. Customers can quickly withdraw cash at ATMs nationwide or swipe the card that suits their specific needs and continue to enjoy the “no-fee” privilege such as from issuance fee, annual fee, SMS fee, statement fee, consultation fee, etc. to prepayment fee term. Interest is only calculated on the actual amount used and customers can actively choose a recurring payment date by their financial ability.

Ms. Trang Mai (District 8, Ho Chi Minh City) said: “Initially, I opened a VietCredit card mainly to withdraw cash for necessary expenses when my salary was delayed. After that, I used the card more often to swipe the payment card when going to coffee, restaurant, shopping, etc., and limited carrying a lot of cash. Now,  I’m glad to know VietCredit domestic credit card can pay online because I can shop quickly, pay and receive goods conveniently everywhere. In the immediate future, I’m going to use the VietCredit card to book airline tickets for the whole family to visit grandparents this New Year.”

VietCredit’s representative shared: “With the new feature, VietCredit domestic credit card has fully owned 3 features included withdraw cash at ATMs, swipe card and pay online that enables our card to flexibly meet all shopping demands of our customers, and bring us closer to the goals of promoting the trend of cashless payments. That is the factor which we care about in the context of the new normal life because it helps customers to be more secure when making payment transactions.”.

To apply for a VietCredit credit card quickly and conveniently, customers can download the VietCredit mobile application, then register and submit documents in just a few minutes on their phones anytime anywhere, and guaranteed safe during the pandemic.

Through the addition of card features as well as bringing many benefits to customers, VietCredit once again affirms the motto of always putting customers at the center of all its activities. Therefore, VietCredit recommends that consumers should only borrow consumer loans when necessary to use the loan usefully that contribute to their quality of life and family.

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